Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Russian VIP on Vellfire

10 January 2016 last two days ago at The Layar Villa in Seminyak, Jalan Beraban nearby Grand Hardys Resort and 1 11 [one eleven] luxury villa, Sastra Alphard had a job in escort the Siberian VIP with 3 units Vellfire.

The Black Vellfire we park at the back yard parking lot of The Layar Villa Seminyak, stand by at 12.00 noon. Three Chauffeur is incharge for this Russian guys are 11 VIP guests. Swipe ourselves' lunch since got this call around 10.15 am for 12 noon stand by. SastraAlphard.weebly.com is reporting to the VIP his name was Anton at Villa 8, the biggest one with 3 bed rooms luxurious private pool villa. Along with lush tropical gardens, make it simply beautiful holiday. Apparently Sastra met The Layar Villa's butlers who said that the VIP had been notified. So, Sastra was came back to the parking lot and chatting with the team: Mr. Komang Budi and Mr. Ketut Arsa. About 1 pm, Anton's friend came out and call for us to get to go. "Hi, we are going to Beratan, and back here, and go to airport, okay", he announces. "Yes Sir!", I replied.

"Sas, take more drinks for us", Anton asked. Then we take some Aqua Danone Bottled water from the Butler's cart. "Let's go!" I said. Then we drive fast to Beratan lake, Bedugul, Mt. Batukau, Tabanan. It takes about 2 hours drive from Seminyak. The VIP suddenly ask for forreider or police escort in order to traffic clearances. And I call my fellow in Regional Police Of Bali (the Headquarters of Police), and one police officer with a motorcycle was came to the mountain and fetching us during we just started driving down the hills.

The VIP was so Happy for this perfect last minute prompt, polite, sophisticated service. Then we are on the go to Seminyak from the Beratan lake in about 50 minutes drive from actual time that more than two hours. The VIP was wanted to have lunch at Beratan Lake, but it was closed since it was at 3.35pm already. So, we escort them to Chandi Restaurant that located in Seminyak, at Jalan Oberoi nearby Ultimo Italian Food Restaurant Seminyak.

The Chandi Restaurant is owned by Mr. Agung Nugroho who is as the Chef as well who was lived in New York City U.S. and here He had helped by his best friend named Chef Fernando. The Chandi Restaurant had open the other unique place called Fat Gajah at Jalan Basangkasa Seminyak opposite of Cafe Moka. The others had branches in Ubud called Arang Sate Bar just right in the area of Royal Palace of Ubud King.

At this Arang Sate Bar had manage and operated by Mr. Anton, not the VIP guest, but just the same name Anton. We finish at Chandi Seminyak at 6.30 pm and drove the VIP guest to The Layar Villas. Untill then, we got the payment of the police escort at USD. 300 for one way Police Escort and 1 officer.

We break the job until 10 pm and set for transfer the VIP guest to airport. Then come back again to The Layar villa and deliver Anton's friend to their other villa at Canggu and we had the job done pretty well.

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Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om
Best regards,
I Gede Putu Sastrawan

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Chauffeur service

Dear Chef Agung and Chef Fernando,
Dearest Ibu Kiersten (Kiki),

First of all I would loved to express my sincere gratitude for your kindest consideration along these years through our great relationship.

Warmest greetings from our family.
Herewith we would like to propose our resume discussion regarding the Chauffeur service support that had divided into two categories i.e. :
1. PLATINUM buffet
2. GOLD buffet

These two categories of chauffeur service with all the goodness of your needs as the following "buffet menu" details :

Price = IDR. 8,500,000

Worriless package includes :
- No overtime charges needed up to 10 PM of service (if any)
- Driver meals
- parking fees on flat parking lot
- Driver shifts for your top priority safetiness
- Car delivery to engine optimization workshop
- Car wash fee

Excluding :
- Driver overnight fees at IDR. 250,000 a night
- Driver overnight meals IDR. 50,000
- Passengers' accident insurance
- Car accident insurance
- onboard mini bar pleasure
- any miscellaneous expenses
- etc.

Price = IDR. 6,500,000

Cool packages inclusive :
- Professional driver
- maximum of 10 hours service
- Car delivery to engine optimization workshop
- Driver meals

Excluding :
- overtime charges
- overnight charges
- Driver overnight meals
- insurance
- miscellaneous expenses
- etc.

Car hire special
Contract Rates

TOYOTA units (IDR. /max. 10 hours)
- Avanza = 550,000
- Innova = 850,000
- Camry sedan = 2,250,000
- Alphard = 1,950,000
- Vellfire = 2,450,000
- HI-ACE mini bus 14 passengers = 1,550,000

Mercedes-Benz E200 = 3,500,000
Mercedes-Benz C250 = 4,500,000
Mercedes-Benz S350 = 11,500,000
Mercedes-Benz SLK = 23,500,000

BMW X5 = 5,500,000
BMW 328I sedan = 3,500,000
BMW MINI COOPER = 4,250,000

JEEP Wrangler Rubicon = 3,500,000
HUMMER 3 = 15,500,000

Nissan Navara = 1,950,000
Ford Ranger = 2,250,000

Lamborghini Gallardo = 45,000,000
FERRARI = 25,500,000

Yacht charter max. 10 passengers = 28,000,000
Yacht max. 18 passengers = 48,000,000

Cruise ship charter max. 40 passengers = 75,000,000

Private Jet charter = available on request

Helicopter charter 4 passengers = 22,000,000


Thank you very much everyone, looking forward to enjoying the happiness with your family and friends.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Best regards,
I Gede Putu Sastrawan